The center for alternative medicine in St. Petersburg
Centre of alternative medicine Alternative medicine is of great interest to modern official science and is very popular among the population. In this regard, has been steadily increasing the number…

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Alternative medicine
Alternative medicine is the collective name for methods different from conventional medicine. Typical examples are homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy. While alternative medicine is called alternative... Alternative medicine includes all the methods…

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Traditional recipes of beauty and my experience

Hello everyone!

With all my love to the jars, I sometimes resort to the people’s recipes that I learned from my mother or from her friends. Homemade cosmetics can be sometimes no less effective than ready-made masks from the store. In General, I want to tell you about my beauty treatments from low-cost products.

Scrub of coffee

I often cook coffee in Turku or coffee. After it is ground and of already used coffee (coffee grounds) that I make the scrub.

Also, if you do not mind, scrub can be made from just ground coffee, it is better skrabet the whole body, the smell of leather will be stunning, and why not coffee and chocolate. And what remains in the coffee, I apply on your hands massaging and easy. Hands are very tender and soft, such intermediate care in between manicures.

Washing with tea

I have a bottle with spray left over from some purchase the tonic. I periodically poured freshly brewed green tea (cooled, of course) and splash on your face, then wet cloth. I like it more than thermal water, because my skin is soothing tea much better. The overall effect is a little shrink pores and leave redness. Read about the ice cubes out of tea, but I ice to wash without love, as the article is. And for vessels not always useful, especially if antisclerotic to couperose.

I love this recipe in order to get rid of puffiness under the eyes — soak in tea cotton pads and put them on the eyes. Lie down for 10 minutes and remove wet cloth and spread a touch of cream. Always helps.

The mask of egg yolk and honey to moisturize the skin

. Saves me in the winter when it is very dry skin already prone to dryness. And, of course, I’m not allergic to honey. I read the blog of one beautician (sorry, forgot the name of the blog and can’t find it) that the yolk is a storehouse of vitamins. It has vitamins a, D and E as well as B2, B6 and B12. In addition it contains amino acids, phosphorus, Biotin, magnesium, lecithin and potassium. The egg need a good wash (of course, ideally, use eggs, but Oh, no), then separate the protein from the yolk. The yolk is carefully pierced and pour in a Cup content. I add a spoonful of honey and can add a little oil, what is in stock. Often add a teaspoon of olive. Mix and apply on face. The mixture of oil and honey will not dry, I do this mask while taking a bath. Lie with her for about 15-20 minutes I really like the effect, skin immediately as if lifted, nourished and moisturized.

In winter I use olive oil on the bone under the eyes. Moisturizes well, often the effect is better than the cream. Besides, I can’t find a cream that will be 100% to make, so this recipe helps me often.