Cysticercosis or pork tapeworm: symptoms and treatment, a means of folk medicine techniques
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Healing hands

The implementation of healing sick bodies by hand.

The technique of treatment used since ancient times, when Assyrian priests knew the magic energy radiating from his hands and began to apply it for good. With their help, were healed and the people and the kings.

Any person has the ability to develop this healing energy. For this you need to use daily exercises for the development of the power energy hands: roll between your hands an energy ball, sometimes loudly slapping palms. It becomes necessary to dissolve and reduce your palms together, not touching physically. Try to carry out by one hand, on the arm, from the shoulder, taking a warm, gentle energy. Then repeat on the other hand, second hand, without a touch. To work exercise you need to impeccability, concentrating, clearly feeling the energy.

To continually develop the sensitivity of your hands. The main area is the center and the tips of your fingers. To work the one and the other alternately. You must learn to recognize the sensations of different materials – stone, metal, wood surface. Learning development to define the different hands. To remember and to start to record the sensations of the sick and healthy bodies.

In the eighties he worked on this method: looking for hands sore area ( she felt after practical experience), raked her fingers into a ball and tried to pull out.Then it was to be destruction in the land, making sure not to hit the other person. The hole from the lump of sick energy filled with pure energy. To assume the sick energy is prohibited.

Work with your own energy is also a science that requires willpower, daily exercise, working out my own feelings. Helping people, one must know not only technology, but also rules to protect his own energy, not to hurt yourself, not to catch the disease of the client.

When the energy attack from the side, you need to move the palm down and up in opposite sides of the body, healing energy massaging the entire surface of the client, establishing a connection between the body and the hands. The head not affected. Head can strongly start to hurt, since energy massage is too heavy for her. In General, after this massage the energy is inflated and aligned. When the hands, the little finger and the second finger must release energy beams, cutting the field of the patient. So get rid of areas where stagnant energy.

To lower the pressure by using the energy of the palms: making a rotary massage the breast clockwise.

To reduce the pressure will help the rotational energy massage anti-clockwise.

With the help of others – the main thing is the desire to help the man. Without wanting to start should not be.