Collection and use of medicinal herbs
Article about the collection and use of medicinal herbs; people's councils how to collect and brew herbs; comments of experts The collection of medicinal herbs How to collect and brew…

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At the moment, medical science has reached enormous heights. In fact, everything is possible. Transplantation of organs, increasing the missing limbs. And this is not to mention the ordinary treatment…

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Medicinal plants – discovery of ancient peoples

The use of plants to treat diseases and strengthening of health began in ancient times.

Initially, information about the medicinal plants and their use were passed down verbally from generation to generation, from generation to generation.

Ancient Greek historian Herodotus tells of how in ancient times treated people. Patients usually took out to the street and waited, when among the passers-by will come across a person who looks like a disease. From him and learned what healing plants helped him get rid of the disease.

The beginning of the use of medicinal plants in Russia belongs to the old days. Primitive medicine consisted in the recitation of prayers, committing sacrificial rituals in combination with herbal treatments.

Centuries-old folk experience observing plants formed the basis of scientific medicine – phytotherapy (treatment with medicinal plants).

Medicinal plants contain various biologically active compounds: alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, essential and fatty oils, vitamins, phytoncides, organic acids, and many others. This complex of substances in the ratio, measured by the nature, simultaneously with the treatment of a specific disease, improves metabolism, stimulates the body and increases the body’s resistance to harmful environmental influences.

The treatment plants essentially refers to the complex therapy. Plants – bottomless pantry of health.They get about forty-five percent of all medicines.

The rapid development of medicinal plant cultivation, a wide search of new plants and comprehensive study of them began after the revolution.

Among the plants used in the people have quite a few, the healing properties of which are scientifically proven, their use for the treatment is safe and possibly at home. These plants, along with the used in scientific medicine, people often gather on their own.

You should not use herbs and other remedies, on the advice of ignorant people who cannot correctly identify the cause of the disease, to determine individual characteristics of the patient. Typically, these physicians have special training, are not familiar with the chemical composition of medicinal plants and the mechanisms of their action on the human body.

Only a doctor can accurately diagnose disease, to evaluate the development and course of them, to appoint the necessary medicines. Therefore, medicinal plants should be used only after consultation with your doctor or his advice.