As mentioned, the basic principle of treatment for heel spur is to eliminate inflammation. One method to eliminate this inflammation of the soft tissues is physical therapy. UHF – therapy…

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In Bolivia figured out how to treat strokes with stem cell injections
The study, carried out by doctors from University hospital La Paz, showed that timely administration of stem cells affected by stroke can contribute to recovery. Bolivian scientists have found that…

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Sedko Valery Nikolaevich – head of the physiotherapy Department, doctor of higher category.

Treatment options

The physiotherapy Department is equipped with all types of modern physiotherapy, including laser therapy.

Methods used in this Department makes it possible to optimize the healing process, to provide coaching impact on adaptive-adaptive functions of the organism, improve the trophic tissue of the patient’s body.

The effectiveness of treatments is achieved by combining and combining methods of physiotherapy:

electro-mud treatment;

magneto-laser therapy;

SMT –diadynamophoresis drugs.

In the physiotherapy Department installed a unique system-wide magnetotherapy apparatus “Magnitoturbotron 2M”. This physiotherapeutic device for treatment and prevention of diseases as inflammatory, and immunodeficiency States. The installation implements a new method of treatment using a vortex rotating magnetic field around the entire body of the patient at the same time.

Actively used modern method of treatment – microresonant therapy or EHF-therapy apparatus “Yav – 1”, designed to improve energy in the body, has beneficial effects on blood rheology, improves the immune system, activates the metabolic processes and samoustranyaetsya (healing processes are accelerated in 2 times), dramatically increases the level of antioxidants (helps to relieve stress conditions of the body). Method of treatment is prevention of complications of stress – heart attacks, strokes. The most widely method used in the treatment of the digestive system, where it is clearly visible therapeutic effect.

The Department is equipped with two devices of Infita therapy. Under the influence of low-frequency electromagnetic fields improves blood supply to structures of the medulla oblongata, which produce hormonal substances that support the processes of self-regulation and self-restoration of the homeostasis of organs and tissues. The method has a sedative effect, normalizes the processes of excitation and inhibition of the cerebral cortex, optimizes brain activity, has anti-stress effect, reduces blood viscosity, suppresses the asthenia of the patients.

Consultation of the doctor-physiotherapist

The Department is consulting hours of the doctor-physiotherapist of the highest category, which selects the patient’s individual algorithm treatment procedures with consideration of its adaptive capacity. Each complex includes a unique receiving mineral water, diet therapy, balneotherapy.

Company "RIA "Panda"" revives a unique database on cultivation of medicinal plants in Lembolovo
Company "RIA "Panda"" together with St. Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy (SPFA) conducts rehabilitation and reconstruction work in the nursery of medicinal plants, Lembolovo. Today has more than 6 hectares of…

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Homemade masks for hands from olive oil.
The woman who grooms herself, has attractive, soft and delicate hands. This is important because hands are always in view: in public transport, in shops, at work, and primarily, the…