Shamans acted in Chelyabinsk with an unusual concert
Two shaman first met in Chelyabinsk the stage and gave a concert-mystery play "the Call of the universe." Now the shaman Nikolay together with the shaman Tylenol rehearse their compositions.…

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The heart of healing: healers are the best Moscow free will answer your questions
The best healers Hello! I want to start with wishes for health and tranquility. After all, if you come here, it means that in your life there was a serious…

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Alternative medicine

How to cleanse liver at home folk methods?

Reading the book “Endoecology of health”, which was written by Professor Neumyvakin Ivan Pavlovich. I stumbled on the recommendations, doing that, you can fully clean the main filter body from toxins. Leading folk healer of Russia told how to cleanse liver at home.

What is structured water and why is it good for our body?

Hello everyone! I won’t leave alone the subject of water. So I write here-write about what best for drinking water – structured and what is the water like, and didn’t utter a word. I admit, this is my herd, which I intend to correct in today’s article. I will try, without going into scientific wilds, in your own words to explain what structured water.

How much water should I drink a day in winter and summer?

There is nothing more desirable for a person is thirsty than water. Ordinary water may be much tastier and healthier juice, compote, tea and other beverages. And yet, we rarely think much about whether we give enough of that essential fluid for our body. But this is a very important energy component. In this stateresponse how much water should I drink a day to the body were filled with it.

Buckwheat: the benefits and harms of black wheat

If you don’t eat buckwheat, he’s making a huge mistake! Don’t believe? Then I suggest thoroughly acquainted with all its advantages and useful properties. There are some contraindications which are more appropriately called “recommendations for abuse”. So, let’s talk about the benefits and dangers of buckwheat, without which I cannot imagine a healthy diet. Let’s start with the history of buckwheat, will continue to benefit and end up harm, and at almost no.

How useful Hematogen? Indications for use

Who did not eat in childhood Hematogen, and had no childhood. Just kidding of course It is similar to toffee or a chocolate bar, delicious, sweet, what I want to eat more than one pack. Grandmother I often bought Hematogen and I couldn’t understand why candy is sold in the pharmacy. Always heard that it is necessary that the blood was good. Last time I ate Hematogen 10 years ago, as by chance I saw him at the checkout at the drugstore, around that time I became interested in the question “what’s it made and how useful Hematogen?”

How to bowel cleansing at home 100%

Cleansing the body is easy and affordable. We need to systematically clean your body from accumulating during the life of dirt and impurities. This periodic cleaning helps maintain the health and to facilitate the work of all body systems in General. How to bowel cleansing at home, if it was decided to get rid of the fecal deposits? Let’s talk about it.