Shamans acted in Chelyabinsk with an unusual concert
Two shaman first met in Chelyabinsk the stage and gave a concert-mystery play "the Call of the universe." Now the shaman Nikolay together with the shaman Tylenol rehearse their compositions.…

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Medicinal herbs guide
Medicinal herbs are very often better than even the most expensive pharmaceutical drugs. Individual. In modern medicine, medicinal plants and herbs play a huge role. Described in detail the Botanical…

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Company “RIA “Panda”” revives a unique database on cultivation of medicinal plants in Lembolovo

Company “RIA “Panda”” together with St. Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy (SPFA) conducts rehabilitation and reconstruction work in the nursery of medicinal plants, Lembolovo. Today has more than 6 hectares of land, improved growing conditions of plants in the nursery have been successfully used innovative technology.

“RIA “Panda”,” one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies that use a large amount of natural vegetable raw materials, which often have to purchase from abroad. That’s why the company is interested in developing Russian resources.

In this area, “RIA “Panda”” collaborates with the rector of St. Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy I. A. Narkevich with the Director General MIP herbarium the North-West Loganina V. G. leads the project agronomist of medicinal plant science G. M. Kirakosyan.

In the fall of 2013 in Lembolovo restoration work began. Were cleaning the area from bushes, cow parsnip, birch and other trees. Cleared and newly plowed fields with a total area of 5 hectares Cleared of dried stalks and weeds 1 ha of old plantations of high-vitamin rose hips. In new fields apply the techniques of cultivation of crops with application of plastic mulch film.This allows not to apply pesticides against weeds.

Upgraded and other areas where they cultivate medicinal plants. Landing systematized for easy care.

In 2015 a newly built greenhouse for seedlings, reconstructed and equipped with the latest drying unit drying chamber, installed a new irrigation system.

The initiative group of FAO experts and CBHFA, as well as the management of “RIA “Panda” was made by the organizers of the annual scientific-practical conference on problems of medicinal plant cultivation and production of herbal remedies. Based in Lembolovo already passed two similar forum, in which participated scientists agronomists and pharmacognosy from Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Finland, China and regions of the Russian Federation.