Menopause: herbal treatment
Since menopause impaired functional and metabolic processes of the whole organism, the treatment should be aimed at the whole organism using a complex of biologically active substances of broad-spectrum. This…

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Types of alternative medicine
Types and methods of alternative medicine — phytotherapy (treatment with medicinal herbs, in which the reception of infusions of various plants and herbs has a beneficial effect on the work…

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Collection and use of medicinal herbs

Article about the collection and use of medicinal herbs; people’s councils how to collect and brew herbs; comments of experts

The collection of medicinal herbs

How to collect and brew herbs . to obtain the desired therapeutic effect?

Before starting herbal treatment consult with a specialist, talk to the grandmothers who sell on the market herbs. They will tell you many interesting things and discover secrets.

Herbs can be compared with the pharmaceutical plant. The properties of the herbs largely depend on the nature of their application. For example, in the preparation of cold brew is released mainly vitamins. And when brewed with boiling water allocated iridoids (components, opposing infections). When you lay in a thermos are the flavonoids (compounds involved in the process of regulation of metabolism and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties). By prolonged boiling are distinguished tannins (astringent and anti-inflammatory effects, are widely distributed in the treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases and burns).

Plays the role of the area where you are collecting herbs . For example, thyme grown in Crimea contains more essential oils. In Polesie and more rainfall. Moisture increases the production and ursulova oleic acid, grass will be stronger and sharper.

Definitely oznochaet time to gather herbs. Juices in the human body and herbs are progressing according to the phases of the moon. In this regard, the upper parts of plants (fruit, leaves, twigs) are collected in the growth phase of the moon (at this time, the juices rise up). Root parts of plants collected in the phase of decrease (movement down juices).

Mandatory to collect herbs with the expression of love that they passed is positive energy. Nature — a real storehouse of health, it is only necessary properly to apply its gifts.!