Homemade masks for hands from olive oil.
The woman who grooms herself, has attractive, soft and delicate hands. This is important because hands are always in view: in public transport, in shops, at work, and primarily, the…

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Types of alternative medicine
Types and methods of alternative medicine — phytotherapy (treatment with medicinal herbs, in which the reception of infusions of various plants and herbs has a beneficial effect on the work…

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Alternative medicine

Acupuncture – this word means acupuncture. But an experienced master will “deliver” you the needle is completely painless. This method of treatment was used in China since ancient times. Chinese doctors know the human body 700 of the sensing points. And knees point laterally may be responsible for the overall health of the body, massage the little finger will lead to the removal of cardiac pain, and tickling your heels in a certain place – to normalize liver function. On these points and affects the doctor-acupuncturist, activating them with his needles.

Alternative medicine does not substitute for classic

And here the ancient Japanese found a way to do without any needles. They massage these points with your hands. Shiatsu is effective in relieving headache, dental pain, increases the overall resistance of the organism and in General, they say that helps from many diseases. Only to become a skilled massage therapist, takes a long time to study and train, and even to have a special talent.

A chiropractor treats already not a point, and a stronger massage. He most often deals with the correction of the spine and joints. Be aware that in some diseases the massage is not only useful, but also directly contraindicated!

The basic principle of homeopathy, founded nearly 200 years ago by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, “to cure like with like.” Homeopathic medicine can be immediately recognized by the mind: it’s a tiny sweet spots (not tablets!).They contain very diluted medicine.

Doctors-naturopaths believe that many diseases can be defeated by adhering to a right diet. There are doctors who treat starvation. There is a practice of healing through water treatments.

Iridology is threatening to replace obsolete, in her opinion, the x-ray. Here is a look into the eyes of the patient, and you’ll see all his diseases. Even the ones he don’t suspect a thing.

But alternative medicine is, of course, does not cancel neither the internist – doctor in internal medicine . neither the pediatrician – the pediatrician or ophthalmologist – a specialist in diseases of the eye and vision, or a doctor with a difficult name – the otolaryngologist – he treats diseases of the ear, nose and throat.