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Acupuncture – this word means acupuncture. But an experienced master will "deliver" you the needle is completely painless. This method of treatment was used in China since ancient times. Chinese…

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FASTING (alternative medicine)
Starvation. One of the most important and effective ways to conserve and restore the health of modern man is prolonged voluntary starvation. However, to ensure the hunger people have to…

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Menopause: herbal treatment

Since menopause impaired functional and metabolic processes of the whole organism, the treatment should be aimed at the whole organism using a complex of biologically active substances of broad-spectrum. This requirement most closely correspond to the total herbal medicines, capable of restoring impaired functions and complex biochemical processes of the patient’s body. The use of individual compounds were narrow spectrum antibiotics when menopause is in most cases is not efficient enough.

The use of medicinal herbs in form of salads and juices is advisable since menopause decreased body defenses.

The juices of wild medicinal herbs . as you know, have a more pronounced therapeutic properties than the infusions and decoctions of dried material. Most often when Klimas recommended to use concentrated extracts (juices) of nettle leaves, dandelion, plantain, grass motherwort, yarrow, calendula flowers, dandelion roots. With the preventive purpose it is recommended 80-100 ml of juice a day. These plants are fresh is advisable to use in the form of salads and condiments.

In the absence of fresh plants or their inaccessibility, you must apply the extracts of the dry medicinal plant raw material.

Fees herbs, recommended during menopause . should be multicomponent and include facilities that promote the normalization of metabolic reactions and functioning of vital systems of the body. The most clinically justified following compounds of medicinal plant resources.

The collection of herbs No. 1 menopause

The herb lemon balm – 4 pieces

Grass celandine – 2.5 parts

The roots of chicory ordinary – 3 parts

Stems hop ordinary – 3.5 parts

Horsetail herb – 2 parts

The fruits of dill – 0.5 parts

The leaves of bilberry ordinary – 2 parts

The herbal collection №2 menopause

The collection of herbs No. 3 menopause

The herbal collection №4 menopause

Peppermint leaves – 1 part

Calendula flowers drug – 2 parts

The rhizomes of couch grass – 1.5 parts

Rosehips (crushed) – 5 parts

Grass Melilotus officinalis – part 2

Preparation and usage is identical to the collection of herbs No. 1.

Gathering herbs number 5 menopause

Herb calendula drug – 10 parts

Grass Melilotus officinalis – 10 parts