Tangerines are the benefits and harms.
The benefit of oranges is that in the pulp of mandarins there is a large amount of vitamins: a lot of it ascorbic acid is vitamin B1, B2, OT, B5,…

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Medicinal plants and herbs, folk medicine, yarrow
Medicinal plants, traditional recipes and herbal medicine The history of folk medicine has preserved legends about the miraculous healing of terminally ill patients medicinal plants and skilled healers. Great interest…

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As mentioned, the basic principle of treatment for heel spur is to eliminate inflammation. One method to eliminate this inflammation of the soft tissues is physical therapy.

UHF – therapy

Method UHF-therapy is the use of alternating current of high frequency and low voltage and power. The impact of these currents leads to expansion of capillaries in the soft tissues and, consequently, enhance circulation, reduce pain and inflammation. Typically, the duration of each session UHF therapy is 10 to 15 minutes. To treat heel spurs with only 10 – 12 sessions of therapy.

Low level laser therapy

Nowadays laser therapy has become popular as a method of physiotherapy among doctors and among patients. Although the basic principle of its effect is similar to other methods of physiotherapy. The laser also increases blood circulation at the site of inflammation, which reduces pain. Among patients there is an opinion that laser therapy is able to remove the spur. However, this is a fallacy of low-intensity laser beam, penetrating to the heel spur, itself does not cause bone growth little or no impact. Its effect is reflected only on the soft tissues.

Magnetic therapy

In physiotherapy we use two types of magnetic fields: constant and alternating.The greatest application have found the alternating magnetic field. Its effect is similar to effect of UHF-therapy.

Electrophoresis with drugs

Electrophoresis is a method of summarizing the medicinal substance to the place of destruction and inflammation of tissues. The principle of electrophoresis is that in the area of the pathological process in the tissues are placed two metal plates, one of which was wrapped with a cloth dampened with one or another drug. Next to the plates is fed a constant galvanic current. At the same time from one plate to another rush of positively charged particles, and on the other side is negatively charged. Together with these particles in tissue is a medicinal substance. Most often, when calcaneal spur is used for this purpose potassium iodide, procaine, hydrocortisone and some other drugs.

Phonophoresis with medications

Phonophoresis is the application of ultrasound for penetration of drugs into soft tissues. In addition, the ultrasound has a therapeutic effect on inflamed tissue affected. Usually used for phonophoresis of anti-inflammatories, such as hydrocortisone cream. In this case, this procedure in its meaning of like an injection of steroids into the soft tissues.