The cultivation of medicinal plants on the plot
To let your favorite herbs grown in the small vegetable garden, retains all the medicinal properties of their wild counterparts, we must try to create conditions maximally close to natural.…

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Business idea: the cultivation of medicinal plants
Business available for people in rural areas and owners of household plots is growing not only fruit crops but also plants that can be used for medicinal purposes. From these…

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Younger at home

Aging is not desirable to anyone. Women especially try to preserve the beauty and appeal of youth. There are many ways to look younger than their years. The most effective and safe are traditional recipes, cooked at home that allow you to use those ingredients that always has on hand a good hostess.

Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of measures, suspending the process of skin aging and preserve youth for many years. Very popular Photorejuvenation, mesotherapy, homoplastic, ozone therapy and injection of Botox. Botox is injection of special drugs into the problematic areas of the face. This procedure gives the opportunity to relax the muscles as much as 4-6 months to maintain all metabolic processes.

Many women use traditional medicines and carry out all cosmetic rejuvenation procedures at home, all this gives an effect worse than a beauty salon. The basic principle of home-rejuvenation is the use of natural energy of sun, water and various plants. The main thing is to cleanse the body, and then to adhere to proper nutrition and physical activity. Not the last role in this is the preservation of youthful spirit and positive attitude.

Here is a very good recipe that will help cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract from accumulated toxins: take a bottle of holosasa and 50g of dried leaves of Senna (it’s all in Labiatae), still need 1 Cup of white raisins. In Senna pour boiled water and raisins, bring to a boil. Filter after cooling and adding holosas, you need to bring the volume to 3l with warm boiled water. Drink 1 glass of warm infusion for the night, its action starts after 8-10 hours. The cleansing course lasts 2 weeks, after which you will feel significant relief, and the skin becomes radiant and silky.

Very good effect gives the use of fish oil containing large amounts of fatty acids omega 3. It is perfectly smoothes the skin and improves the complexion, it should be diluted in equal proportions with honey and boiled water, leave for about 12 minutes and rinse. Also useful are nutritious masks on the basis of flax seed, oatmeal, yeast, aloe leaf and a tub of bran. Original mask will be the mask from caviar (black or red) and white bread. You need to add 1 egg yolk in 1H.l. caviar and apply on face for 15 minutes.