Traditional healers
People often ask questions on the forums, whether traditional healers of Odessa to be useful for human beings. It was quite a reasonable question to ask, because healers appears more…

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Alternative medicine
Acupuncture – this word means acupuncture. But an experienced master will "deliver" you the needle is completely painless. This method of treatment was used in China since ancient times. Chinese…

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Agronomist Biysk companies “Evalar” shared the secrets of cultivation of medicinal plants

In the “Russian newspaper” published an article about Biysk companies “Evalar”, which is one of the few Russian pharmaceutical companies producing raw materials for their natural products.

In order to provide raw materials to its production facilities, the company annually sows more than 1,000 ha of plantations in the foothills of the Altai.

On their plantations Evalar grows and has long been known, and most rare plants.

We grow more than thirty crops, – says the chief agronomist of the company “Evalar” Alexander Sharykin. For each plant selected their own cultivation technology to provide a high concentration of biologically active substances.

To grow medicinal plants on an industrial scale is a very difficult task. But it is high-quality raw materials is the basis for high quality medicines.

– After cleaning any culture we are digging over the earth, give her a break, – says Alexander Sharykin. – Three weeks later again, digging over and removing weeds. And so a few times. After a while the box becomes clean and rested, you can re-sow. And if you just leave the field to rest, the earth overgrown with weeds and very long will have to put it in order.

On fields prohibited the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Earth adoptedfrom – the so-called pomace, which remain after extraction of plants and then transported to the plantation. Meal improves soil structure, contains substances necessary for the active growth of medicinal plants.

By the way, the interest in modern herbal medicine is growing both in Russia and around the world. According to the business magazine Vademecum, the world market for herbal medicines in the coming years will grow by 6.6 % annually.

The reasons for this interest “to the Russian newspaper” said lead researcher Institute of nutrition, doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Andrey Vasilyev.

An important advantage of herbal remedies is that they are better tolerated, have less side effects. This is especially important when you need long-term treatment of chronic diseases, especially in children and the elderly. Low toxicity of the vast majority of medicinal plants allows you to assign them long courses, and patients can take them months or even years, – said Andrey Vasilyev.

The harm and benefit of antibiotics
Antibiotics are substances of natural origin, which inhibit vital functions of microorganisms. If taken correctly, antibiotics will have a positive effect against infections and inflammatory processes. All people have different…

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Shamans acted in Chelyabinsk with an unusual concert
Two shaman first met in Chelyabinsk the stage and gave a concert-mystery play "the Call of the universe." Now the shaman Nikolay together with the shaman Tylenol rehearse their compositions.…