Gastritis. Treatment of folk remedies
At the lowered acidity it is useful to take before eating half a Cup of fresh cabbage juice. When acidity need to drink potato and carrot juices alternately. For the…

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Homemade masks for hands from olive oil.
The woman who grooms herself, has attractive, soft and delicate hands. This is important because hands are always in view: in public transport, in shops, at work, and primarily, the…

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Types of alternative medicine

Types and methods of alternative medicine

— phytotherapy (treatment with medicinal herbs, in which the reception of infusions of various plants and herbs has a beneficial effect on the work of the whole organism, cleanses the vital organs and blood from toxins, enhances the protective functions of the organism without adverse effects on organs, as it can be when taking chemical preparations);

— treatment with beetle sorcerer more than 70 of the most severe types of diseases;

— urine therapy (external or internal application of urine humans or animals for therapeutic purposes in modern medicine, this method is considered dangerous in connection with possibility of development of poisoning and the spread of infection);

— aromatherapy (treatment using scents); — treatment with the pyramid (is that a man comes indoors the form of a pyramid, which concentrated a favorable energy);

— homeopathy (a system of disease treatment, which consists in the use of minimal doses of substances that cause in larger doses phenomena that are similar to the symptoms of the disease);

— minerals treatment (is to use stones and minerals that help restores the body);

— healing with sound (use of special sound tracks and the sound of mantras);

— acupuncture(moxibustion, auricular acupuncture, acupuncture, acupressure);

— naturotherapy (treatment using medicines of natural, mineral, vegetable or animal origin);

— apitherapy (therapy using bee products);

— manual therapy (a complex of biomechanical techniques performed by hand, aims to eliminate pain and restore mobility of the spine and joints);

— hirudotherapy (leeches latch);

— therapy (treatment using biological energy);

— hydrotherapy – hydrotherapy (the use of prophylactic and treatment purposes, water in the form of local and General baths, rubdowns, showers, body wraps, compresses, douches);

— stone therapy (massage technique using various natural stones);

— treatment of hunger (with the help of different methods of fasting: wet, dry,ie partial or total abstinence from food);

— color treatment (treatment by using different colors or combinations thereof that are applied to the body, as well as the selection of all color. are you surrounded);

— magnetic therapy (treatment by constant and pulsed magnetic fields);

treatment diets (carbohydrate-free diet, food combining, protein-free diet, etc.);

— metalotherapy (attachment to the body plates of different metal).

Conventionally unconventional treatment methods are divided into alternative and complementary. Alternative therapy involves a complete refusal of standard therapy and the complementary – used in combination with standard treatments.