How correctly to collect medicinal herbs
Many medicinal plants, flowers and berries have long been used for medicinal purposes. Knowing their beneficial properties, it is possible to collect and dry up all that nature gives. The…

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Shamans acted in Chelyabinsk with an unusual concert
Two shaman first met in Chelyabinsk the stage and gave a concert-mystery play "the Call of the universe." Now the shaman Nikolay together with the shaman Tylenol rehearse their compositions.…

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Reiki Yggdrasil unit Taoist healing arts.

Taoism points to a close connection between body, mind and environment and considering the human body as the sum of the energy flows of substances QI (energy). The flow of this energy relate to the energy flows in the environment and is subject to change.

These States are in harmony and mutual transitions.


Yin energy (Yang organs, Yin organs) – increases Yin energy

Yang energy (Yin organs, Yang organs) – increases Yang energy

With these spells we can vosstanovit harmony of body and mind through the increase in specific energy konkretnom in the body.

QI activation – activates the production of QI energy in our body.

A more detailed flow of processes in the universe consists of 5 phases, or 5 elements, which correspond to Yin and Yang organs. These elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.


To increase the element of (Name element)

To reduce the element of (Name element)

With these spells we can restore the harmony of the elements/phases in our body and mind.

Balancing Yin/Yang, element – produces balancing

2nd level of Daoist healing.

In Taoism unlike Western magic, it is considered that not one soul is embodied (spirit). The goal of evolution to create a team from all souls and become one with the universe (to ascend).


Spirits bodies.

With this spell, we go to the level of a single light reflected in each organ. This promotes maximum healing and jump in the evolution of our ego.

Animals bodies

Animals are Meridian.

These spells contribute to inclusion in the channel the vital energy of each organ or Meridian, the maximum saturation of it with life force and clearance at the expense of the vitality of the negative manifestations of each organ.

The result of the application of this unit are not only healing our bodies, but also to achieve harmony with the universe and the acceleration of evolutionary development.