At the moment, medical science has reached enormous heights. In fact, everything is possible. Transplantation of organs, increasing the missing limbs. And this is not to mention the ordinary treatment…

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The center for alternative medicine in St. Petersburg
Centre of alternative medicine Alternative medicine is of great interest to modern official science and is very popular among the population. In this regard, has been steadily increasing the number…

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Who are the shamans? The magic Bulletin

In different parts of the world people with paranormal abilities called by different terms. To such terms and include the word “Shaman”. The peoples of Siberia so-called sorcerers and magicians rolled into one. The etymological meaning of the word connected with the root “sa”, it is labeled as “know”. For example, in Yakutia shamans call “oyoun”, in Buryatia – “Boo”, and the Altai, “Kam”, In Chuvashia – “irames”.

Since ancient times, shamans were intermediaries between the living and the dead. Shamans change their state of consciousness and to see not only another reality, and move freely on it. This movement in the astral worlds, the shamans call “the ritual”. This term first appeared in the XVII century in the Turkic languages. In Russia the word came thanks to the soldiers who served in those places. A little later the word migrated into Europe.

The vital functions of shamans

The main task of a shaman is the support and preservation of psychological and mental integrity of the tribe or clan. Everyone knows that in the world there are good and evil, angels and demons, good and evil spirits, etc. Shamans perform different tasks, play the role of so-called conductors. In good spirits asking for good luck on fishing, hunting, a good harvest. Demons on the contrary, appease, so they did not bring sickness and misfortune upon people. That is why shamans valued at all times.

Obrady shamans are not just the prayers and spells, and a number of theatrical rites. Every object in rituals has its own importance. Little hut symbolizes the Universe, the World itself is displayed in the objects that surround the shaman. This tambourine, drum and even. To conduct the ritual, the shaman falls into a trance. To reach the state of trance, the shamans use smoke, dance, fight tambourines and drums. During the ritual, it seems that the shaman is in a stationary state, but it is not. The soul of the shaman leaves the body and moves between the upper and lower worlds. Experienced shamans can enter into a trance without auxiliary means.