How correctly to collect medicinal herbs
Many medicinal plants, flowers and berries have long been used for medicinal purposes. Knowing their beneficial properties, it is possible to collect and dry up all that nature gives. The…

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Cysticercosis or pork tapeworm: symptoms and treatment, a means of folk medicine techniques
Say no to parasites: methods for the treatment of cysticercosis in humans Cysticercosis is a parasitic disease. Belongs to the group cestodosis. The larvae of the pathogen (pork tapeworm), getting…

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The use of medicinal herbs: the first steps

The idea of creating a medicinal garden will be just decorative landscape design without the practice of application of these herbs in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Because after the decision on the establishment of the medicinal garden, we began to collect books on traditional and folk methods of treatment. And here:

Every plant suitable for the treatment of many diseases!

Every disease has a variety of ways to treat!

And what do you do? How to choose the right method of treatment of a specific disease of a particular person?

For example, if you start to treat runny nose only in ways that do not require search of herbs, a complex of shopping and preparations, the cold itself will pass faster than we will be able to check even a tenth of these recipes. And if You’re concerned about a cold?

Here are some tips from my family about the first steps in the use of medicinal herbs :

1. Don’t lose your head! To anyone says about the way of treatment will be critical. Do not bring your action common cold to chronic sinusitis. If You feel that You stanovitsja — run to the specialist!

2. From simple to complex . Do not handle treated all at once and all. Do not be overconfident. Start with herbal teas, soothing fees, ointments and lotions against sunburn, cuts, etc. With domestic cases, that may pass without Your participation, but will help You to understand: herbalism is Your thing or not?

3. Develop intuition . Browse through the list of recipes on Your issue and select three or four that You could try. Now, select the first selected. Try it… Pay particular attention to “signs”: the smells, the sounds, etc.

4. Keep a record of Your “experiments” in the diary . And results and the lack of results is very important. Try to capture even the little things — sometimes they will be very important. Re-read my notes.

5. Do no harm! Remember: the same recipe can act on different people differently.

We (and mostly my wife) every year slowly brings new recipes. which gladly accept our “piggy Bank”. So last summer we were pleased with the sage (lotions herpes, rinsing). Nineteenth — calendula. Even horsetail and knotweed, raspberries (ointment for burns)…

And don’t worry if You can’t do something. In any case, You will be useful and will bring a lot of joy just familiarity with the “green world”!