Healing hands
The implementation of healing sick bodies by hand. The technique of treatment used since ancient times, when Assyrian priests knew the magic energy radiating from his hands and began to…

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The center for alternative medicine in St. Petersburg
Centre of alternative medicine Alternative medicine is of great interest to modern official science and is very popular among the population. In this regard, has been steadily increasing the number…

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FASTING (alternative medicine)

Starvation. One of the most important and effective ways to conserve and restore the health of modern man is prolonged voluntary starvation. However, to ensure the hunger people have to understand the mechanisms that occur in his system, to realize the aim of treatment, to have the appropriate mindset to healing.

In the course of food processing the human body spends an enormous amount of energy for pushing food through 9 meters of intestine, the decomposition of food components into molecules available for uptake, metabolic conversion of these molecules, the work of all bodies involved in processing, transportation, absorption and excretion of food components. In addition, the lack of minerals and vitamins in the city menu forces us to eat much more than what the body needs. The excess food is deposited in the tissues as fat, or remains undigested, giving rise to toxins, salakavala the body that demands large expenditure of energy, weakening the body and contributing to the development of diseases.

In the process of voluntary starvation, the procurement process is due to the reserves within the body. Especially processed completely superfluous and unnecessary to the body tissues: growths, scabs, intergrowths, and also accumulated in the fat tissues — they only hinder the normal functioning of organs and systems. In addition, a lot of energy, zatrachivaniya digestion, is now used for the restoration of the body, the normalization of physiological processes and energy balance, purification. After fasting, the organism freed from all the dross, purified the blood, normalizes the function of organs and systems energy balance is restored, begin to build new healthy cells, and disease has no place in the body.

The prospects frighten many hunger. However, there are only hard the first two days. Then comes a feeling of lightness and sharpening of all senses. Starvation may be accompanied by a bad taste in the mouth, coating on tongue, bad breath. Happen a nausea, dizziness, weakness, increased salivation, diarrhea. This is not to be feared — that can assist the cleansing process. After fasting returned to normal appetite and health. The main thing when fasting is to keep the body warm and to avoid stress. A very important transition from hunger to a normal diet — this transition should be soft, gradual. The duration of voluntary fasting is entirely dependent on the health of a person, his lifestyle, his illness and is 3-45 days. After correct starvation excessively fat people are not returned to the previous weight, and too thin — add weight according to their Constitution.