Excessive sweating: how to solve
Profuse sweating can cause serious experiences. Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. The cause may be endocrine disorders, AIDS, tuberculosis, various phobias, tumors, genetic predisposition, cardiovascular disease, drug and alcohol use,…

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Agronomist Biysk companies "Evalar" shared the secrets of cultivation of medicinal plants
In the "Russian newspaper" published an article about Biysk companies "Evalar", which is one of the few Russian pharmaceutical companies producing raw materials for their natural products. In order to…

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Circus Park is the most famous in Bali healer

Live on the magical island of Bali, a man named Pak circus. He’s a Balinese, and the island know it all, and among the Russians it is very popular. And he is a healer (from eng. healer – the healer). It is famous for the fact that it makes energy massage and helping hands, without the aid of any drugs, besides aromatic oils, almost all illnesses, including from the bites of Scorpions and snakes.

In fact, in Bali people are very close and live each day confronted with something otherworldly, mystical, therefore the healing is considered completely normal here.

Two days ago I experienced the power of the healer of the Circus for yourself, and the intervention of his energy in my body. Impressions left a lot, all of them positive, I use them and want to share)

How it all happens

All his patients usually gather in the front yard, workout in front of everyone in the queue.

We came quite early, as the master takes from 7-8 in the morning and before lunch, but notwithstanding the early hour, the queue already waiting for the master. The healer has assistants, which at this early time, and did the preparatory work: bring gifts to the gods, was preparing the Mat for massage and so on.

About 8.30 on the ground near the house came the circus and invited the first patient. The impression he made the positive: a middle-aged man, postanalysis and communicating with the patient and anyone who is nearby. From it came the positive energy. My turn was only a few people.

We waited probably about two hours, before it came to us.

My communication with the healer of the Circus.

I’m not going in great detail to tell what did the wizard with each of the attendees will speak about their experience. The first thing he did was stick a pencil between the toes, sometimes causing pain. And by the expression of my suffering from person has determined what parts of their body I have problems. Then been doing the massage-whole body, making hand movements as though he scatters the smoke, and with me at this time communicated on a friendly note, and sometimes joked and entertained the audience. Lasted all of twenty minutes. At the end of the session he again put the pencil between the fingers of my feet, but after the massage was not painful at all. At the end of the session the girls circus traditionally makes the hair. This is done to balance the energy.

Money for your skills the circus bear, but after the session everyone can leave money in the quantities it deems necessary.

Honestly, I don’t know, magic is, whether folk medicine or a charge of some kind of special energy, but I can say one thing: the next two days the whole of our company was simply excellent mood and state of mind. I wanted to move mountains! It seems to me that everyone who comes to Bali for a long time or only on vacation, it makes sense to visit the Circus and be under the action of the energies.