Physiotherapy Department
The main goal of physiotherapy is to achieve the best effect in the treatment of any disease with the least burden on the patient. Physiotherapy is one of the oldest…

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FASTING (alternative medicine)
Starvation. One of the most important and effective ways to conserve and restore the health of modern man is prolonged voluntary starvation. However, to ensure the hunger people have to…

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The harm and benefit of antibiotics

Antibiotics are substances of natural origin, which inhibit vital functions of microorganisms. If taken correctly, antibiotics will have a positive effect against infections and inflammatory processes.

All people have different attitude to this group of substances. Someone is constantly taking them at the first sign of colds, and someone refuses, even in the presence of severe infections, counting on the help of traditional medicine.

In one case, the proportion of people who are against the adoption of antibiotics are right in that this substance acts as equally bad and good microorganisms, inhibiting the growth of those and others.

The antibiotics adversely affect the liver, giving her a big load, and if not take them properly, the effect will turn against you. The intestinal flora is also destroyed when you take antibiotics, it leads to dysbacteriosis. So, first and foremost, you need to consult with your physician, who based on description of your symptoms and the results of the tests, will choose a suitable antibiotic and will prescribe medication to protect your gut.

In some cases, it is unnecessary to take antibiotics:

1) In viral diseases antibiotics are useless, they only kill presniakovas;

2) the irritable bowel syndrome and dysbiosis;

3) When you do not understand the cause of fever, antibiotics should not be.

The antibiotics were only good and cannot cause any harm to your health, follow the right diet and take them to their destination. Usually antibiotics lasts no more than a week, some antibiotics, long-term help for three days. It is advisable to take the full course prescribed by a doctor.

If the condition has become significantly better, the reception should be abolished. The doctor prescribes a course of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, to prevent the development of dysbiosis.

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