The use of medicinal herbs: the first steps
The idea of creating a medicinal garden will be just decorative landscape design without the practice of application of these herbs in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Because after…

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Cysticercosis or pork tapeworm: symptoms and treatment, a means of folk medicine techniques
Say no to parasites: methods for the treatment of cysticercosis in humans Cysticercosis is a parasitic disease. Belongs to the group cestodosis. The larvae of the pathogen (pork tapeworm), getting…

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Traditional healers

People often ask questions on the forums, whether traditional healers of Odessa to be useful for human beings. It was quite a reasonable question to ask, because healers appears more and more. People have resorted to their services, and hope to get help, it is important to avoid relations with the charlatans.

As we know, the activities of healers mainly concerns the well-being of people. We should not be surprised that many of them flock to the healing of the man. Also many consider themselves bound by the people, members of the same family on a psychological level, if not by blood.

Different healers have different abilities and skills. One category of healers has been healing family. They call people who have a disorder in the family nest, pursue problems, there are all sorts of trouble.

The most extensive area of activity of folk healers is alternative medicine. Experts in this field resort to unpopular methods of healing the human body. Treatment are prayers, incantations, and herbal infusions. In the treatment of non-traditional ways intertwined religion, magic and ancient knowledge of their ancestors.

In the case of healing, the body goes into a healthy, comfortable state. The conflict between the state of disease and introduced the way of health needs to be addressed, and therefore the universe is moving in stereocameras.

Interesting is the fact that traditional healers have professional skills and education in medicine. Many of those actually go to medical schools, it helps them in the future to determine the exact diagnosis, to monitor treatment. Diploma qualified healthcare people medicine suggests that the customer goes to the person who has a scientific view of its field. Just the healer does not go the beaten track, does not use generally accepted methods of treatment, and inclined to unconventional methods.

There are specialists who combine in my practice, two methods of treatment. On the one hand, a health exam is performed by a conventional scheme and apply uncharacteristic ways.

People are afraid of healers, because their activities have a shred of magic, magic, this is alarming. If you did use a doctor who uses unconventional methods of treatment, nothing illegal in this.