Medicinal herbs guide
Medicinal herbs are very often better than even the most expensive pharmaceutical drugs. Individual. In modern medicine, medicinal plants and herbs play a huge role. Described in detail the Botanical…

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In Bolivia figured out how to treat strokes with stem cell injections
The study, carried out by doctors from University hospital La Paz, showed that timely administration of stem cells affected by stroke can contribute to recovery. Bolivian scientists have found that…

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Drugs traditional Chinese medicine

At the slightest sign of the disease most of us are trying to be treated the safest way. We strive to find an alternative to the usual tablets, injections etc. to make recovery happen with the fewest side effects. That’s why today is so popular medications are based on plant extracts.

In the online store drugs Chinese medicine presents a variety of natural medicines at the best prices.

The range of products

Drugs traditional Chinese medicine are based on ancient recipes.

They may contain from 3 to 25 kinds of plant extracts. For each disease applied a certain formula, but in the composition of any one of them stands out 1-2 major components that have beneficial effects on the cause, and the rest of the ingredients are used for General support of the whole body. Currently herbal medicines are produced in the form of concentrated pills, powders, syrups, tinctures, etc.

In the catalog of the Internet shop of drugs of Chinese medicine for any potential buyer with our help will choose exactly this drug, which will help get rid of specific diseases and improve your health.For ease of reference we have divided all products into groups depending on the problem to be solved. The submitted products can be used for the treatment and prevention of the disease and its diagnosis. Medicines Chinese medicine are made mainly from natural substances, therefore, have practically no contraindications and side effects.

In addition to drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, we offer various kinds of medicinal teas, which include medicinal plant ingredients. They all have a very mild stimulating and normalizing effect on the body. Many Chinese herbal teas promote weight loss, cleanse the body of toxins, improving health.

Ordering on medicines

In the catalog of our online store, you can become more familiar with the range of drugs. To order, just call our managers or send an e-mail.

The harm and benefit of antibiotics
Antibiotics are substances of natural origin, which inhibit vital functions of microorganisms. If taken correctly, antibiotics will have a positive effect against infections and inflammatory processes. All people have different…

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Cysticercosis or pork tapeworm: symptoms and treatment, a means of folk medicine techniques
Say no to parasites: methods for the treatment of cysticercosis in humans Cysticercosis is a parasitic disease. Belongs to the group cestodosis. The larvae of the pathogen (pork tapeworm), getting…