Physiotherapy Department
The main goal of physiotherapy is to achieve the best effect in the treatment of any disease with the least burden on the patient. Physiotherapy is one of the oldest…

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Gastritis. Treatment of folk remedies
At the lowered acidity it is useful to take before eating half a Cup of fresh cabbage juice. When acidity need to drink potato and carrot juices alternately. For the…

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Business idea: the cultivation of medicinal plants

Business available for people in rural areas and owners of household plots is growing not only fruit crops but also plants that can be used for medicinal purposes. From these crops it is possible to make essential oils, tinctures and other pharmaceutical products.

And since the quality of people’s health every year more and more worse, such investment is unlikely to bring you losses.

Currently the entire market for the production and preparation of medical preparations is almost completely controlled by state-owned enterprises. They use herbs imported from abroad, but also those that are easy to grow on the plot.

Names of the medicinal herbs widely known to many: among them, the plantain, the “mother and stepmother”, agrimony, bilberry, and many others. These cultures have different healing properties, for example, they can effectively relieve headaches, relieve constipation and cardiac arrhythmias.

Of all these herbs the most easy and profitable to plant a plant “mother-and-stepmother”. It lowers body temperature in infectious diseases, improves the digestive system and also overcomes headache.

Priveredlivye lekarstvennye plants You ponadobytsya all gardening tools, greenhouses, racks for flowers. pots, good soil, etc.

Also very useful and dostupnymi cultivation of the plant is licorice, can reduce body temperature and to treat kidney disease. Also cost effective to grow agrimony. It is widely used in the treatment of seborrhea, helps with hair loss, improves condition of skin. Those who plan to do this drug business, you should carefully study the pharmacological literature.

Maybe you have a hidden talent herbalist healer. Grown to sell you products not only in the pharmacy network, but also in the markets, though you will need a special permit.