Business idea: the cultivation of medicinal plants
Business available for people in rural areas and owners of household plots is growing not only fruit crops but also plants that can be used for medicinal purposes. From these…

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Alternative medicine
Alternative medicine is the collective name for methods different from conventional medicine. Typical examples are homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy. While alternative medicine is called alternative... Alternative medicine includes all the methods…

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Medicinal plants and herbs, folk medicine, yarrow

Medicinal plants, traditional recipes and herbal medicine

The history of folk medicine has preserved legends about the miraculous healing of terminally ill patients medicinal plants and skilled healers. Great interest in the use of phytotherapy in medical practice in our time received both among doctors and among people. There is a perception that there is some secret magic that helps to the wise-healers to choose the true path to healing. It seems to us, is the path of knowledge, accurate methods of collection, storage, preparation and use of therapeutic agents based on herbal medicine .

You will find everything about medicinal plants. Includes: detailed Botanical description, useful properties and the application of herbs, as well as the distribution, cultivation and chemical composition of plants. Provides Latin and common names of plants. Lists recommendations for choosing the place and time of collection of medicinal herbs, their drying and storage characteristics and the correct technology of preparation of dosage forms. what is needed to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

Popular medicinal plants



“yarrow” introduces not only with the methods of treatment of diseases as adopted by the European and Russian folk medicine, but also gives the recipes used for the same diseases so-called Oriental medicine,which summarized and collected together the cumulative knowledge of Arabic, Iranian, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian and later Tibetan medicine. Contains very useful and interesting information about ancient medical schools of various epochs and directions that are necessary for meaningful, differentiated approach to the methods of treatment of diseases, used in folk medicine. In addition to herbalism, the proposed scheme combined the use of medicinal plants and Shilajit.

In the category “old books” you can get acquainted with rare literature from the 18th and early 19th century, medicinal plants, herbalism, traditional and alternative medicine. Ancient herbalists and medical manual will be of interest to curious readers and lovers of curiosities.

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