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Home treatment of bursitis of the foot folk remedies

Bursitis is the inflammation of the mucous bags joint. It is characterized by formation and accumulation in the body fluids and bone particles. This exudate increases the cavity of the bag and forms a tumor, which in some cases can reach up to 10 centimeters. In some cases, the feeling is painful. but in the initial stage of the articulation is not disturbed.

Types of folk treatment and signs of bursitis of the foot

Bursitis is acute or chronic: the acute form develops suddenly, is painful and is quite fast, but the chronic type is characterized by a fairly long course of illness.

The swelling is the main symptom indicating the maturation of the disease. The acute form of bursitis of the foot occurs about two weeks and passes, but there is a possibility of relapse. Acute bursitis can cause the emergence of chronic diseases.

The calcaneal bursitis treatment of folk remedies can be a helpful addition to the traditional method. The rest of the joint and the application of compresses – this is the basis of national treatment.

Folk remedies treatment of bursitis of the foot, used for about a month

Propolis is well — known remedy in folk medicine. For treatment of bursitis of the heel you need ten grams of propolis pour a hundred grams of vodka or alcohol and give nastolatka for four days. After that, make lotions to the disappearance of the tumor.

To remove the pain and swelling of the legs you will help ice. To do this, put in a plastic bag some ice and make a compress affected area for a few minutes, but will not suffer hypothermia.

Vegetables — this is a known folk remedy for the treatment of bursitis of the heel. While a vegetables you can take any. For example, you can use the potato, the potato should be cut into slices, put them on a clean material and they wrap the affected joint. Above to effect rewarming can wrap the foot warm woolen scarf.

Also a very effective way to treat bursitis with sugar. To do this you need a Cup of sugar only to warm up in the pan, not melt it. Next you need to pour sand in a bag made of thick fabric, and attach to the joint. All this you can wrap a plastic bag to retain heat.

When bursitis of the heel is very useful massage. Massage is usually done at night and then warm up with something warm, such as a scarf. For massage you can use different oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus or olive.

When bursitis of the foot is very effective salt bath. You’ll need in a liter of hot water dissolve three tablespoons of coarse sea salt. Such procedures should be carried out in the evening.