The harm and benefit of antibiotics
Antibiotics are substances of natural origin, which inhibit vital functions of microorganisms. If taken correctly, antibiotics will have a positive effect against infections and inflammatory processes. All people have different…

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FASTING (alternative medicine)
Starvation. One of the most important and effective ways to conserve and restore the health of modern man is prolonged voluntary starvation. However, to ensure the hunger people have to…

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Traditional medicine

Lily of the valley

Table of contents Legend about Lily of the valley Description Where grows the Lily of the valley How to prepare the Application.

Bread tooth helped

Once with me was a nuisance. I have a tooth ached a bit long, but I’ve been holding off a visit to the doctor.

Can’t hear anything!

If nerves to the limit

With my son last year was a misfortune. In the evening he was attacked by a company of drunken adolescents: a beat.

For a long time, folk medicine was the only way of treatment and healing. Guided by the instincts and experience of generations, people used as medicines various plants, roots, blossoms, animals and other gifts of nature. In our times this method of treatment seems strange and unacceptable, but the fact that the effectiveness of traditional medicine often exceeds the efficiency of traditional treatment methods, which indicates its importance.

Folk medicine has preserved a unique knowledge of mankind, carefully passed from generation to generation. It is interesting that each nation had its unconventional ways of treatment. For example, the main medicine folk medicine of Australia is the ostrich fat, which you can use to get rid of diseases such as colds, migraine, colic and even cataracts. In Korea very popular polishedsize the snails, which is not only medicinal but also cosmetic means. And traditional medicine of China is reminiscent of an art that uses literally all the gifts of flora and fauna.

In folk medicine of Ancient Russia has been traditionally developed on the basis of the medicinal properties of plants, flowers and trees. For example, a decoction of chamomile have long been treated colds, a decoction of nettle – diseases of the stomach, and the infusion of oak bark were taken to strengthen the immune system. In addition to the main goal of physical healing, the healers of folk medicine cared about the spiritual health of their patients. People believed that speaking and chastised the prayers of the decoctions and tinctures, they will be able to clear thoughts of man and strengthen his spirit.

In the category “traditional medicine” you will find a storehouse of unique knowledge and traditions of folk healing. Despite the fact that the age of most of the recipes of alternative medicine exceeds decades, or even centuries, their natural strength makes them relevant in our time.