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Medicinal plants, traditional recipes and herbal medicine The history of folk medicine has preserved legends about the miraculous healing of terminally ill patients medicinal plants and skilled healers. Great interest…

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Traditional medicine
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Excessive sweating: how to solve

Profuse sweating can cause serious experiences. Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. The cause may be endocrine disorders, AIDS, tuberculosis, various phobias, tumors, genetic predisposition, cardiovascular disease, drug and alcohol use, obesity. People can be very and sweat during exercise, pregnancy, fever, street heat, or wearing synthetic clothing.

Companions of hyperhidrosis are often unpleasant smell and irritation to the skin, called the sweating sickness. Various deodorants may help, but also aggravate the situation. Need a comprehensive treatment, which can be quite lengthy.

Before you begin treatment, it is necessary to determine the cause of the trouble. If the doctor found no abnormalities, hyperhidrosis is considered a feature of the body. In this case, folk remedies will help.

Hyperhidrosis treatment folk remedies

• First you need to exclude from the diet foods that contain theobromine and caffeine. These substances provoke excessive sweating. These substances are contained in Coca-Cola, coffee, cocoa, tea. For some time it is necessary to exclude consumption of hot drinks and dishes.

• Take a shower at least twice a day. If the weather is hot, you can wash as needed. Clothes should be chosen only from natural fabrics and comfortable. It should not fit or press.

• Excessive sweating can be eliminated by using antiperspirants. Only to use them properly. Russian people are used to applying antiperspirant to the skin of armpits in the morning immediately after a shower. It will not give any effect, except for white spots on clothes. The thing is that the sweat glands after a shower, begin to actively work, producing sweat. He pulls away from the pores antiperspirant. He remains on the clothes. To use the antiperspirant when the sweat glands are at rest, i.e. in the evening and only on dry skin. At night all the components of the antiperspirant can penetrate into the pores and clogging them. However, we must remember that antiperspirant will help, if the skin no irritation.

• If you sweat a lot armpits need them twice a day, RUB a tincture of birch buds in the alcohol. Tincture of nettle and sage will help to eliminate excessive sweating of the feet and hands. You can also use a bath of strong tea and Apple cider vinegar or a mixture of vodka, glycerine and lemon juice.

It is only a small part of all treatments for hyperhidrosis. Actually a huge number of them. Each person can choose their favourite.