Cysticercosis or pork tapeworm: symptoms and treatment, a means of folk medicine techniques
Say no to parasites: methods for the treatment of cysticercosis in humans Cysticercosis is a parasitic disease. Belongs to the group cestodosis. The larvae of the pathogen (pork tapeworm), getting…

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Collection and use of medicinal herbs
Article about the collection and use of medicinal herbs; people's councils how to collect and brew herbs; comments of experts The collection of medicinal herbs How to collect and brew…

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Herbs for joints

As alternative medicines for the treatment of joints, you can use plants. They are not inferior to chemotherapy drugs that can be applied in various forms.

Such plants as the shoots of wild rosemary, Marin root, burdock root, sometimes have effects such that they can be compared with a miracle. Herbal medicine for painful joints is based on the same principles as the treatment of this problem by chemical means. But first you need to understand what caused the cause of the disease, so to speak.

One reason for this disease can be wrong exchange urine. If this happens, we need such healing herbs for joints, which have properties excrete urine not needed. This will help burdock root, birch buds, madder, and other. Cytotoxic action filled with poisonous herbs, so to handle them must be done very carefully. For example: Aconitum, a poisonous autumn Crocus, common cocklebur, and others. Internally the plant is accepted, as everyone knows, in the form of teas and tinctures in alcohol. Decoctions made from herbs, not one, and collecting various herbs in their composition may include four or more plants. Decoctions as a rule, Golovaty water bath. Used for cooking spoon collection in a glass of water, holding a bath for about 15 minutes and then cooled.

For external treatment of joints ointments. The best is an ointment that is made from the poisonous Rhus. For preparation of ointments use vegetable raw materials containing grease or tincture of alcohol. For ointment use melted lard with vegetable raw materials. All this to cook in a saucepan 15 minutes, and then cooled. This ointment is used 4 times a day. Herbs for treatment of joints effectively help to eliminate the ailment.

The best is oil, which is part of the wild rosemary, which can be purchased in a homeopathic pharmacy. If we talk about rheumatoid arthritis, then you need to apply the herbs that eliminate the foci of infection. Help fight germs: calendula, St. John’s wort, nettle, chamomile. Herbs for treatment of joints, are the most safe way of treatment. Ointments, oils, tinctures, decoctions, prepared with herbs that have sedative effects, and also are good disinfectants. The gifts of mother nature – herbs for the joints.