How correctly to collect medicinal herbs
Many medicinal plants, flowers and berries have long been used for medicinal purposes. Knowing their beneficial properties, it is possible to collect and dry up all that nature gives. The…

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Traditional recipes of beauty and my experience
Hello everyone! With all my love to the jars, I sometimes resort to the people's recipes that I learned from my mother or from her friends. Homemade cosmetics can be…

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The center for alternative medicine in St. Petersburg

Centre of alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is of great interest to modern official science and is very popular among the population. In this regard, has been steadily increasing the number of clinics providing such services. Each center of alternative medicine will offer a wide variety of techniques drawn from age-old wisdom of different peoples and cultures.

Indeed, today is an extremely acute problem of classical scientific treatment and its effects on the body. Complex chemical structure of drugs, sometimes unpredictable side effects, including devastating effects on the entire body, and often a fairly high price and makes a cautious approach to treat modern methods of treatment. At the time, how alternative medicine operates heritage of many generations, empirically developed methods of treatment. Attractive and the fact that the center of alternative medicine will certainly aim to solely natural treatment forces of nature restoring forces of the body and directing the natural energies of the human body in the right direction.

Any sufficiently large and serious centre of alternative medicine will offer a list of the most popular and effective methods:

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The cultivation of medicinal herbs , green pharmacy farm

In the land of a farmer will certainly be areas where one can grow herbs. For home consumption may be enough for yarrow, oregano, greater plantain, mugwort, Bur marigold, motherwort and other common grasses, and perhaps the farmer is lucky and the low cheese spoon he found Valerian and bistort.

These natural medicinal resources need to identify and try to survive. However, on the farm he can grow herbs for their own use and for delivery to procurement organizations.

Prices for ecologically pure medicinal raw materials are rising from year to year, and it will be beneficial, especially if you grow undemanding plants that will grow in areas not suitable for growing other crops.

Having mastered the skills of cultivation of medicinal herbs, some farmers can even repurpose the farm for this purpose, as the hectares of medicinal herbs provides an income ten times greater than any crop.

Another criterion for the successful cultivation of medicinal plants is the presence of areas that do not suffer the harmful effects of anthropogenic contamination with heavy metals, residual quantities of pesticides or fertilizers.

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Drugs traditional Chinese medicine

At the slightest sign of the disease most of us are trying to be treated the safest way. We strive to find an alternative to the usual tablets, injections etc. to make recovery happen with the fewest side effects. That’s why today is so popular medications are based on plant extracts.

In the online store drugs Chinese medicine presents a variety of natural medicines at the best prices.

The range of products

Drugs traditional Chinese medicine are based on ancient recipes.

They may contain from 3 to 25 kinds of plant extracts. For each disease applied a certain formula, but in the composition of any one of them stands out 1-2 major components that have beneficial effects on the cause, and the rest of the ingredients are used for General support of the whole body. Currently herbal medicines are produced in the form of concentrated pills, powders, syrups, tinctures, etc. Continue reading