Physiotherapy Department
The main goal of physiotherapy is to achieve the best effect in the treatment of any disease with the least burden on the patient. Physiotherapy is one of the oldest…

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Healing hands
The implementation of healing sick bodies by hand. The technique of treatment used since ancient times, when Assyrian priests knew the magic energy radiating from his hands and began to…

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Medicinal plants – discovery of ancient peoples

The use of plants to treat diseases and strengthening of health began in ancient times.

Initially, information about the medicinal plants and their use were passed down verbally from generation to generation, from generation to generation.

Ancient Greek historian Herodotus tells of how in ancient times treated people. Patients usually took out to the street and waited, when among the passers-by will come across a person who looks like a disease. From him and learned what healing plants helped him get rid of the disease.

The beginning of the use of medicinal plants in Russia belongs to the old days. Primitive medicine consisted in the recitation of prayers, committing sacrificial rituals in combination with herbal treatments.

Centuries-old folk experience observing plants formed the basis of scientific medicine – phytotherapy (treatment with medicinal plants).

Medicinal plants contain various biologically active compounds: alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, essential and fatty oils, vitamins, phytoncides, organic acids, and many others. This complex of substances in the ratio, measured by the nature, simultaneously with the treatment of a specific disease, improves metabolism, stimulates the body and increases the body’s resistance to harmful environmental influences. Continue reading

Collection and use of medicinal herbs

Article about the collection and use of medicinal herbs; people’s councils how to collect and brew herbs; comments of experts

The collection of medicinal herbs

How to collect and brew herbs . to obtain the desired therapeutic effect?

Before starting herbal treatment consult with a specialist, talk to the grandmothers who sell on the market herbs. They will tell you many interesting things and discover secrets.

Herbs can be compared with the pharmaceutical plant. The properties of the herbs largely depend on the nature of their application. For example, in the preparation of cold brew is released mainly vitamins. And when brewed with boiling water allocated iridoids (components, opposing infections). When you lay in a thermos are the flavonoids (compounds involved in the process of regulation of metabolism and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties). By prolonged boiling are distinguished tannins (astringent and anti-inflammatory effects, are widely distributed in the treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases and burns). Continue reading

Tangerines are the benefits and harms.

The benefit of oranges is that in the pulp of mandarins there is a large amount of vitamins: a lot of it ascorbic acid is vitamin B1, B2, OT, B5, B6, B9, P, PP, K, E, a lot of beta-carotene (tangerine than the brighter, the more it), and beside it, a very valuable carotenoid needed for retina: lutein and zeaxanthin. Present in pulp and fiber, volatile, organic acids (mostly citric acid), essential oil, there are salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus.

Tangerines increase appetite, improve digestion, including intestinal activity, promote the optimization of its microflora, feed the body with vitamins, increases the body’s defenses turn against microbes and fungi due to the essential oils and volatile production, regulate acid-base balance.

Use mandarins is especially noticeable during winter hypovitaminosis, decreased appetite, sluggish digestion, cardiovascular diseases, particularly arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis, goiter, liver diseases, food and drug poisoning, menopausal syndrome, cancer, kidney stones or bladder, cystitis, nephritis, pyelonephritis, chronic constipation, obesity, and pregnancy, lactation, small children to older people.

I think now you understand that the use of tangerines on the face. Here are some recommendations of doctors to use citrus :

• In hypovitaminosis: eat 2 mandarins 2-3 times a day after meals. Continue reading