Menopause: herbal treatment
Since menopause impaired functional and metabolic processes of the whole organism, the treatment should be aimed at the whole organism using a complex of biologically active substances of broad-spectrum. This…

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Alternative medicine
INTRODUCTION. This book is a visual aid for classes in "Eastern medicine". Structure, the arrangement of the material corresponds to the order of classes. At the same time the book…

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The use of medicinal herbs

Basic questions on herbs

On the basis of medicinal herbs you can do as medicinal teas and poultices. And most importantly, they are sold at any drug store at very affordable prices.

Can grass provide the same action as medicine

Quite. Herbs often used to treat acute and chronic diseases. But, as a rule, they are used in the early stages of the disease or as a prophylactic. It is important to understand that not every disease is not in all cases, you should take herbs.

What is the healthy tea

This tea, which includes herbs and active constituents, healing properties have been proven by doctors, and to drink them it is necessary in strictly certain dosage. The content of medicinal components in these teas is significantly higher than in conventional herbal teas. On the packaging of medicinal tea must be clearly described its properties, and recommended dosage. Please note! These teas are sold not only in pharmacies but also in conventional grocery stores. So the deciding factor should be where you purchased the tea, as indicated on the packaging.

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Traditional healers

People often ask questions on the forums, whether traditional healers of Odessa to be useful for human beings. It was quite a reasonable question to ask, because healers appears more and more. People have resorted to their services, and hope to get help, it is important to avoid relations with the charlatans.

As we know, the activities of healers mainly concerns the well-being of people. We should not be surprised that many of them flock to the healing of the man. Also many consider themselves bound by the people, members of the same family on a psychological level, if not by blood.

Different healers have different abilities and skills. One category of healers has been healing family. They call people who have a disorder in the family nest, pursue problems, there are all sorts of trouble.

The most extensive area of activity of folk healers is alternative medicine. Experts in this field resort to unpopular methods of healing the human body. Treatment are prayers, incantations, and herbal infusions. In the treatment of non-traditional ways intertwined religion, magic and ancient knowledge of their ancestors.

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Traditional medicine

Lily of the valley

Table of contents Legend about Lily of the valley Description Where grows the Lily of the valley How to prepare the Application.

Bread tooth helped

Once with me was a nuisance. I have a tooth ached a bit long, but I’ve been holding off a visit to the doctor.

Can’t hear anything!

If nerves to the limit

With my son last year was a misfortune. In the evening he was attacked by a company of drunken adolescents: a beat.

For a long time, folk medicine was the only way of treatment and healing. Guided by the instincts and experience of generations, people used as medicines various plants, roots, blossoms, animals and other gifts of nature. In our times this method of treatment seems strange and unacceptable, but the fact that the effectiveness of traditional medicine often exceeds the efficiency of traditional treatment methods, which indicates its importance. Continue reading