As mentioned, the basic principle of treatment for heel spur is to eliminate inflammation. One method to eliminate this inflammation of the soft tissues is physical therapy. UHF – therapy…

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Alternative medicine
Acupuncture – this word means acupuncture. But an experienced master will "deliver" you the needle is completely painless. This method of treatment was used in China since ancient times. Chinese…

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Alternative medicine

How to cleanse liver at home folk methods?

Reading the book “Endoecology of health”, which was written by Professor Neumyvakin Ivan Pavlovich. I stumbled on the recommendations, doing that, you can fully clean the main filter body from toxins. Leading folk healer of Russia told how to cleanse liver at home.

What is structured water and why is it good for our body?

Hello everyone! I won’t leave alone the subject of water. So I write here-write about what best for drinking water – structured and what is the water like, and didn’t utter a word. I admit, this is my herd, which I intend to correct in today’s article. I will try, without going into scientific wilds, in your own words to explain what structured water.

How much water should I drink a day in winter and summer?

There is nothing more desirable for a person is thirsty than water. Ordinary water may be much tastier and healthier juice, compote, tea and other beverages. And yet, we rarely think much about whether we give enough of that essential fluid for our body. Continue reading

Shamans acted in Chelyabinsk with an unusual concert

Two shaman first met in Chelyabinsk the stage and gave a concert-mystery play “the Call of the universe.”

Now the shaman Nikolay together with the shaman Tylenol rehearse their compositions. Before the concert’s only a few minutes, behind the doors of the waiting crowd. The main characters of the evening playing ethnic instruments – tambourines, mouth harps, drums and agile. All this is able to immerse the audience into a meditative state. “Chant with thoughts connected. And that thought is a force that God created for mankind. The power of thought, power of breath, sound healing and creates harmony. In this harmony, people begin to feel more active, to be exposed to different sounds,” explains Nicholas Oorzhak.

To pass through a shamanic sounds, some songs are not enough. So the room smell of lighted incense sticks, for shamans it is the element of air. By the way, not only a pleasant smell plunges into a state of meditation, the element of fire in the form of candles situated at the edges of the scene. But in the literal sense unreal combination of two sounds at once, which Nicholas reaches due to compounds of low and high voices, fully immerses the audience in a shamanic atmosphere.

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At the moment, medical science has reached enormous heights. In fact, everything is possible. Transplantation of organs, increasing the missing limbs. And this is not to mention the ordinary treatment of gastritis and degenerative disc disease. With proper treatment, you can forget about long-standing chronic diseases and to feel young and healthy even at the age of 50. All the more strange that all this still was unable to abolish all traditional healers and mages who are willing to even cure cancer patients with sprigs of wormwood, plantain leaf and chopped the ears of a bat.

History tells us that in pagan times people really often resorted to otherworldly forces, wishing to rid himself of troubles and misfortunes. Witch doctors and healers were a special caste of people who owned the recipes of healing, passed on from generation to generation. However, with the advent of Christianity people began to pray to the virgin Mary and the Holy apostles, which partly could replace the ancient art of herbalism. At the moment, modern healers often offer a combination of services – a kind of Orthodox paganism. That is, they are treated by means of questionable potions in combination with the Church’s prayer. Of course, for anybody not a secret that among such “magicians” are a big part of Obyknovennaya.

But people still go to them. There appears to be some gradation of healers that somehow vie with each other in the degree of its clearness. The main reason for the unrelenting flow of customers is the faith. The belief in salvation and healing. People will believe anything, if only it gave them hope for a better life. Continue reading