How correctly to collect medicinal herbs
Many medicinal plants, flowers and berries have long been used for medicinal purposes. Knowing their beneficial properties, it is possible to collect and dry up all that nature gives. The…

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The wolves were able to treat veterans from post-traumatic syndrome
Animal shelter in California has developed a program of rehabilitation of veterans who have received during service post-traumatic stress disorder, on the basis of communication with the wolves, reports channel…

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Traditional recipes of beauty and my experience

Hello everyone!

With all my love to the jars, I sometimes resort to the people’s recipes that I learned from my mother or from her friends. Homemade cosmetics can be sometimes no less effective than ready-made masks from the store. In General, I want to tell you about my beauty treatments from low-cost products.

Scrub of coffee

I often cook coffee in Turku or coffee. After it is ground and of already used coffee (coffee grounds) that I make the scrub.

Also, if you do not mind, scrub can be made from just ground coffee, it is better skrabet the whole body, the smell of leather will be stunning, and why not coffee and chocolate. And what remains in the coffee, I apply on your hands massaging and easy. Hands are very tender and soft, such intermediate care in between manicures.

Washing with tea

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Company “RIA “Panda”” revives a unique database on cultivation of medicinal plants in Lembolovo

Company “RIA “Panda”” together with St. Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy (SPFA) conducts rehabilitation and reconstruction work in the nursery of medicinal plants, Lembolovo. Today has more than 6 hectares of land, improved growing conditions of plants in the nursery have been successfully used innovative technology.

“RIA “Panda”,” one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies that use a large amount of natural vegetable raw materials, which often have to purchase from abroad. That’s why the company is interested in developing Russian resources.

In this area, “RIA “Panda”” collaborates with the rector of St. Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy I. A. Narkevich with the Director General MIP herbarium the North-West Loganina V. G. leads the project agronomist of medicinal plant science G. M. Kirakosyan.

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Medicinal herbs guide

Medicinal herbs are very often better than even the most expensive pharmaceutical drugs. Individual.

In modern medicine, medicinal plants and herbs play a huge role. Described in detail the Botanical properties of plants, methods of harvesting and drying, the pharmacological characteristics of plants and their active substances, for which diseases bottom the plant is used. Heart-Lipa (flowers) 50 g, raspberry ordinary (fruit) 50 g. it is Known that archeological excavations have been found evidence that in Mesopotamia cured unhealthy with the help of herbs, it was 6 thousand years ago.

Before cooking and consuming any prescription is necessary to consult a doctor. There is a list of main pharmaceutical plants and grasses, suitable for use in medical practice. If you wish to find out information about pharmaceutical plants and herbs growing in Russia and not only, you went right! Below is list of pharmaceutical herbs and plants will guide you through the green parts of the herbal medicine. The chemistry of our vital structures similar to the chemistry of the whole earth, of water, because the universe harmony with all the surroundings there is the possibility of health. FR individual selected contraindications to the use of pharmaceuticals. The 1st official data on herbal medicine are from China with about 2700 years before our era. The quality of pharmaceutical raw materials in Bolkestein depends on proper drying. Herbs are harvested only in dry weather, after the dew would fall off. Continue reading