Who are the shamans? The magic Bulletin
In different parts of the world people with paranormal abilities called by different terms. To such terms and include the word “Shaman”. The peoples of Siberia so-called sorcerers and magicians…

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Circus Park is the most famous in Bali healer
Live on the magical island of Bali, a man named Pak circus. He's a Balinese, and the island know it all, and among the Russians it is very popular. And…

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Medicinal plants – discovery of ancient peoples

The use of plants to treat diseases and strengthening of health began in ancient times.

Initially, information about the medicinal plants and their use were passed down verbally from generation to generation, from generation to generation.

Ancient Greek historian Herodotus tells of how in ancient times treated people. Patients usually took out to the street and waited, when among the passers-by will come across a person who looks like a disease. From him and learned what healing plants helped him get rid of the disease.

The beginning of the use of medicinal plants in Russia belongs to the old days. Primitive medicine consisted in the recitation of prayers, committing sacrificial rituals in combination with herbal treatments.

Centuries-old folk experience observing plants formed the basis of scientific medicine – phytotherapy (treatment with medicinal plants).

Medicinal plants contain various biologically active compounds: alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, essential and fatty oils, vitamins, phytoncides, organic acids, and many others. This complex of substances in the ratio, measured by the nature, simultaneously with the treatment of a specific disease, improves metabolism, stimulates the body and increases the body’s resistance to harmful environmental influences. Continue reading

Shamans acted in Chelyabinsk with an unusual concert

Two shaman first met in Chelyabinsk the stage and gave a concert-mystery play “the Call of the universe.”

Now the shaman Nikolay together with the shaman Tylenol rehearse their compositions. Before the concert’s only a few minutes, behind the doors of the waiting crowd. The main characters of the evening playing ethnic instruments – tambourines, mouth harps, drums and agile. All this is able to immerse the audience into a meditative state. “Chant with thoughts connected. And that thought is a force that God created for mankind. The power of thought, power of breath, sound healing and creates harmony. In this harmony, people begin to feel more active, to be exposed to different sounds,” explains Nicholas Oorzhak.

To pass through a shamanic sounds, some songs are not enough. So the room smell of lighted incense sticks, for shamans it is the element of air. By the way, not only a pleasant smell plunges into a state of meditation, the element of fire in the form of candles situated at the edges of the scene. But in the literal sense unreal combination of two sounds at once, which Nicholas reaches due to compounds of low and high voices, fully immerses the audience in a shamanic atmosphere.

Her outfit every magician creates himself. For example, a hereditary Tuvan sumanasekera costume: on his head a cap made of feathers, and on his shoulders is a cloak of snake skin. Continue reading

Medicinal herbs guide

Medicinal herbs are very often better than even the most expensive pharmaceutical drugs. Individual.

In modern medicine, medicinal plants and herbs play a huge role. Described in detail the Botanical properties of plants, methods of harvesting and drying, the pharmacological characteristics of plants and their active substances, for which diseases bottom the plant is used. Heart-Lipa (flowers) 50 g, raspberry ordinary (fruit) 50 g. it is Known that archeological excavations have been found evidence that in Mesopotamia cured unhealthy with the help of herbs, it was 6 thousand years ago.

Before cooking and consuming any prescription is necessary to consult a doctor. There is a list of main pharmaceutical plants and grasses, suitable for use in medical practice. If you wish to find out information about pharmaceutical plants and herbs growing in Russia and not only, you went right! Below is list of pharmaceutical herbs and plants will guide you through the green parts of the herbal medicine. The chemistry of our vital structures similar to the chemistry of the whole earth, of water, because the universe harmony with all the surroundings there is the possibility of health. FR individual selected contraindications to the use of pharmaceuticals. The 1st official data on herbal medicine are from China with about 2700 years before our era. The quality of pharmaceutical raw materials in Bolkestein depends on proper drying. Herbs are harvested only in dry weather, after the dew would fall off. Continue reading