Menopause: herbal treatment
Since menopause impaired functional and metabolic processes of the whole organism, the treatment should be aimed at the whole organism using a complex of biologically active substances of broad-spectrum. This…

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FASTING (alternative medicine)
Starvation. One of the most important and effective ways to conserve and restore the health of modern man is prolonged voluntary starvation. However, to ensure the hunger people have to…

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Tangerines are the benefits and harms.

The benefit of oranges is that in the pulp of mandarins there is a large amount of vitamins: a lot of it ascorbic acid is vitamin B1, B2, OT, B5, B6, B9, P, PP, K, E, a lot of beta-carotene (tangerine than the brighter, the more it), and beside it, a very valuable carotenoid needed for retina: lutein and zeaxanthin. Present in pulp and fiber, volatile, organic acids (mostly citric acid), essential oil, there are salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus.

Tangerines increase appetite, improve digestion, including intestinal activity, promote the optimization of its microflora, feed the body with vitamins, increases the body’s defenses turn against microbes and fungi due to the essential oils and volatile production, regulate acid-base balance.

Use mandarins is especially noticeable during winter hypovitaminosis, decreased appetite, sluggish digestion, cardiovascular diseases, particularly arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis, goiter, liver diseases, food and drug poisoning, menopausal syndrome, cancer, kidney stones or bladder, cystitis, nephritis, pyelonephritis, chronic constipation, obesity, and pregnancy, lactation, small children to older people.

I think now you understand that the use of tangerines on the face. Here are some recommendations of doctors to use citrus :

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Agronomist Biysk companies “Evalar” shared the secrets of cultivation of medicinal plants

In the “Russian newspaper” published an article about Biysk companies “Evalar”, which is one of the few Russian pharmaceutical companies producing raw materials for their natural products.

In order to provide raw materials to its production facilities, the company annually sows more than 1,000 ha of plantations in the foothills of the Altai.

On their plantations Evalar grows and has long been known, and most rare plants.

We grow more than thirty crops, – says the chief agronomist of the company “Evalar” Alexander Sharykin. For each plant selected their own cultivation technology to provide a high concentration of biologically active substances.

To grow medicinal plants on an industrial scale is a very difficult task. But it is high-quality raw materials is the basis for high quality medicines.

– After cleaning any culture we are digging over the earth, give her a break, – says Alexander Sharykin. – Three weeks later again, digging over and removing weeds. And so a few times. After a while the box becomes clean and rested, you can re-sow. And if you just leave the field to rest, the earth overgrown with weeds and very long will have to put it in order. Continue reading

The use of medicinal herbs

Basic questions on herbs

On the basis of medicinal herbs you can do as medicinal teas and poultices. And most importantly, they are sold at any drug store at very affordable prices.

Can grass provide the same action as medicine

Quite. Herbs often used to treat acute and chronic diseases. But, as a rule, they are used in the early stages of the disease or as a prophylactic. It is important to understand that not every disease is not in all cases, you should take herbs.

What is the healthy tea

This tea, which includes herbs and active constituents, healing properties have been proven by doctors, and to drink them it is necessary in strictly certain dosage. The content of medicinal components in these teas is significantly higher than in conventional herbal teas. On the packaging of medicinal tea must be clearly described its properties, and recommended dosage. Please note! These teas are sold not only in pharmacies but also in conventional grocery stores. So the deciding factor should be where you purchased the tea, as indicated on the packaging.

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