In Bolivia figured out how to treat strokes with stem cell injections
The study, carried out by doctors from University hospital La Paz, showed that timely administration of stem cells affected by stroke can contribute to recovery. Bolivian scientists have found that…

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The cultivation of medicinal herbs , green pharmacy farm
In the land of a farmer will certainly be areas where one can grow herbs. For home consumption may be enough for yarrow, oregano, greater plantain, mugwort, Bur marigold, motherwort…

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The wolves were able to treat veterans from post-traumatic syndrome

Animal shelter in California has developed a program of rehabilitation of veterans who have received during service post-traumatic stress disorder, on the basis of communication with the wolves, reports channel Sky News.

According to the founder of animal rescue centre in Lockwood Matt Simmons and psychologist Lorin Lindner, they developed the program, podglyadev the attempts to treat the consequences of traumatic psyche influences through communication with birds. After this it was decided to join the work of the U.S. Department of veterans Affairs to help those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Contact with wild animals can bring great benefit to people suffering from mental trauma. The shelter animals are about 40 wolves, some of them rescued from traps in Alaska, the other was deposited, when it was found out that by mistake instead of the Pets were bought wild cubs.

“These are animals that choose whom to make contact. For those who have PTSD, it’s important. One of its main symptoms is the loss of the ability to trust, to build relationships and to feel safe,” says Dr. Lindner. Continue reading

The use of medicinal herbs: the first steps

The idea of creating a medicinal garden will be just decorative landscape design without the practice of application of these herbs in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Because after the decision on the establishment of the medicinal garden, we began to collect books on traditional and folk methods of treatment. And here:

Every plant suitable for the treatment of many diseases!

Every disease has a variety of ways to treat!

And what do you do? How to choose the right method of treatment of a specific disease of a particular person?

For example, if you start to treat runny nose only in ways that do not require search of herbs, a complex of shopping and preparations, the cold itself will pass faster than we will be able to check even a tenth of these recipes. And if You’re concerned about a cold?

Here are some tips from my family about the first steps in the use of medicinal herbs :

1. Don’t lose your head! To anyone says about the way of treatment will be critical. Do not bring your action common cold to chronic sinusitis. If You feel that You stanovitsja — run to the specialist! Continue reading

The harm and benefit of antibiotics

Antibiotics are substances of natural origin, which inhibit vital functions of microorganisms. If taken correctly, antibiotics will have a positive effect against infections and inflammatory processes.

All people have different attitude to this group of substances. Someone is constantly taking them at the first sign of colds, and someone refuses, even in the presence of severe infections, counting on the help of traditional medicine.

In one case, the proportion of people who are against the adoption of antibiotics are right in that this substance acts as equally bad and good microorganisms, inhibiting the growth of those and others.

The antibiotics adversely affect the liver, giving her a big load, and if not take them properly, the effect will turn against you. The intestinal flora is also destroyed when you take antibiotics, it leads to dysbacteriosis. So, first and foremost, you need to consult with your physician, who based on description of your symptoms and the results of the tests, will choose a suitable antibiotic and will prescribe medication to protect your gut.

In some cases, it is unnecessary to take antibiotics:

1) In viral diseases antibiotics are useless, they only kill presniakovas; Continue reading